Universal Design

How long will you be able to stay in your home? What might prevent you from living there comfortably and safely as you get older? 

Anco President John Colaruotolo is a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) and is well-versed in Universal Design. This multi-faceted concept is important to be informed about before you start a new custom home project. Watch the short videos below to learn more about what you might want to incorporate in your next home.


What is Universal Design?

Elements of a new home can be modified to increase comfort and accessibility as you age. In this video, John introduces the concept of Universal Design.

A Lifelong Master Bedroom

Small changes can amount to big comfort when it comes to aging in place. CEO John Colaruotolo discusses Universal Design considerations for the master bedroom that can help you live independently for as long as possible.

Universal Design in the Kitchen

Learn about suggested modifications to keep your kitchen accessible as you get older, such as cabinets and handles, counter top height and appliances.

Cost of Universal Design

Universal design additions and modifications increase the cost and square footage of your home or townhome - as well as the number of lives you can live there comfortably.

Custom Feature

It's important to keep in mind that Universal Design is a custom feature in home building rather than a standard practice. John shares what you should ask your builder when considering ways to incorporate Universal Design into your home.

Special Modifications

John covers some of the more unique ways to make your home comfortable as you age.

Common Modifications

John discusses modifications that are more common ways to incorporate this design concept into your new home.