Empty Nesters Add Rooms for Visiting Grandchildren

John Colaruotolo

Very often with family homes, changes are made in order to fill a need. In the case of these empty nesters, the need to invite children and grandchildren and spend quality time with their family motivated them to remodel their home. We converted a bedroom to a study to create an entryway to a new bonus space above the garage. The roof was removed from the garage to put in two bedrooms and a bathroom and the facade was updated to incorporate this major addition.

Empty NestersThe Story:

We originally built a 3,000 square foot home for a couple who were already “empty nesters.” It seemed like a lot of house for two people living on their own, and we never thought they would return 10 years later looking for two more bedrooms! What wasn’t factored into their original build plan was grandchildren. They wanted more space for their children to visit with the grand kids, and asked us to complete a major renovation and put two bedrooms above the garage.

The Project:

The home is located in our Midlands subdivision and the homeowners were familiar and happy with our work. We began by sitting with the homeowners and a trusted architect to assess the structure of the home and garage and their vision for the new space.

We worked with them using our Open Book program, meaning the homeowners knew all the direct costs of the project. It gave them the flexibility and the freedom to choose materials and finishes that fit their budget and their tastes.

The Results:

After removing the roof of the garage, we framed a second story to the garage and created two bedrooms and a shared bathroom. The bonus space is accessed through the second story of the house, through a room that was a bedroom. We converted the bedroom to a loft or study area to make the entryway easily accessible for the new space above the garage. With the extra space on the garage, the façade of the home changed and we updated the full home façade to better incorporate the new space. In the end, the couple was happy to have a beautiful new space to host family visits.