Pittsford Home Reconfigured for More Bedrooms

John Colaruotolo

A doctor and his wife came to us to turn a four-bedroom home into a five-bedroom. We added a bedroom above the garage, connected by a buddy bath to an existing bedroom on the second floor. The second floor space was also reconfigured to add a hallway leading to the bedroom.

The Story:Match its Family

A doctor and his wife came to us with a desire to upgrade from a small home. After relocating from out of town for their jobs, they first settled in a smaller home. But as the kids grew up, the couple wanted each child to have their own bedroom. They searched for a home and were unable to find a house on the market with 5 bedrooms that fit their needs. In the marketplace, five-bedroom homes often have deficiencies in other areas. The couple purchased a four-bedroom home to remodel and brought us in to make it better fit their family.

The Project:

We started with a meeting between the homeowners, a trusted architect and my team to evaluate the structure of the home and their vision for the space. The four-bedroom house had a good design that was easy to reconfigure with a little creativity.

The Results:

A bedroom that backed up to the garage received a new shared bathroom, connecting it to a new bedroom added above the garage. The house originally had a set of back-to-back closets that we cut out to make a hallway leading to the bonus space above the garage and created new closets for the rooms. Our reconfiguration project also included other minor updates to make the house a home – painting and refinishing floors. Today, the family is happily living in a space that fits their lifestyle.